Niche Lending – Business Aviation (Part 2)

This blog is Part Two of a series called “Niche Lending – Business Aviation,” written by Shelley Svoren of First Republic Bank. Part One, which breaks down the global market for business aviation financing, is available here: Part 1 Financiers should acquaint themselves with a number of risks prior to entering into business aircraft transactions. [...]

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Podcast: HondaJet Elite with Dave Moore

When the long-anticipated HondaJet finally arrived, there was less fanfare than expected. But owner/operators are finding the maintenance costs are as advertised: low. And the plane is fun to fly. Join me for insights with the very enthusiastic Dave Moore.  

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Private Aviation Insiders’ Guide Aircraft Comparison: Hawker 800XP vs. Citation Excel

Charlie Bravo Aviation CEO René Banglesdorf and her son, Jake, break down the differences between the Hawker 800XP and Cessna's Citation Excel. They talk operating costs, fixed costs, maintenance, fuel burn, cruise speed, cabin size, and more.   Hawker 800XP vs. Citation Excel 100,000 miles Speed Hawker 800XP: 419 knots / 482 mph Citation Excel: [...]

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René Featured in Marketplace on NPR

Charlie Bravo CEO René Banglesdorf was interviewed for Marketplace on NPR, where she spoke about the pre-owned aircraft industry in relation to Boeing's needs after the 737 Max grounding. Check it out at the link below!

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Niche Lending – Business Aviation (Part 1)

This is a guest post written by Shelley Svoren, Senior Business Banking Analyst and Industry Specialist at First Republic Bank. The world of private aviation splashed across all media forms evokes images of the glamorous life.  Comparatively, the New York Times’ “The History of Private Planes Is Less High Life and More Daily Grind - [...]

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Podcast: Citation X with Ian McDougall

The Citation X enjoyed a 15-year run as the fastest business jet and still reigns as the fastest mid-sized jet. Its comfort and speed made it a staple of the Cessna lineup for more than two decades, and it crowned the fleet of many charter companies for years. Find out more about the [...]

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The Insiders’ Guide Ep 12: HondaJet with Dave Moore

René Banglesdorf speaks to pilot Dave Moore about the Honda HondaJet in part 13 of the Insiders' Guide. In this engaging interview, we learn about its performance, range, ideal missions and much more! About Dave: Dave Moore is a Navy and Air Force decorated aviator and officer. In civilian aviation Dave has worked as a [...]

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The Insiders’ Guide Episode 12: Bombardier Global Express XRS with Dominic Rivers

In this episode, René Banglesdorf speaks to pilot Dominic Rivers from Journey Aviation about the Bombardier Global Express XRS in part twelve of the Insiders' Guides. In this interview, they delve into the XRS' performance, range, luggage capacity and much more! About Dominic: Dominic Rivers hails from Yorkshire, UK. Being an aviation enthusiast from a [...]

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