René Banglesdorf Named One of Enterprising Women Magazine’s 2017 Women of the Year

Charlie Bravo's CEO, René Banglesdorf, was recently named one of Enterprising Women magazine's 2017 Women of the Year. View a list of winners here: Check out Runway Girl Network's coverage of the award here:

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Breaking Down the Differences Between the Falcon 2000 and Its Variants

Falcon 2000 Dassault built the Falcon 2000 with economy in mind. The goal was to build an economical large jet that would remain consistent with Dassault’s reputation for excellent performance. The original Falcon 2000, certified in 1994, was built as a smaller, twin-engine alternative of the three-engine Falcon 900. It comes equipped with General Electric/AlliedSignal [...]

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4 Aircraft Upgrades That Are Worth the Cost

Wi-Fi If your plane doesn’t already have Wi-Fi on it, it’s time to seriously consider adding it. In this day and age, many travelers can’t afford to be out of pocket during the work week. Not having access to the internet for a few hours during the middle of the day can turn into a [...]

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Understanding the Differences Between the Citation Jets and Their Plus Upgrades

Each of Cessna’s successful Citation Jet models, other than the CJ4, has since been given a “plus” model upgrade. The upgrades on each plus model are different, though, as some are given performance upgrades while others are given only avionics and interior upgrades.   CJ1 vs CJ1+ For the CJ1+, Cessna replaced the original CJ1’s Williams [...]

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Five Cheapest Private Jets to Operate

Naturally, the most affordable jets to fly will be among the smallest. All five on this list range from very light to light jets, each of which can be flown by a single pilot. The numbers below, provided by Aircraft Cost Calculator, are based on worldwide averages under the assumption that each aircraft is being [...]

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