5 of the Cheapest Turboprops to Operate

Many private aviation users choose a turboprop over a jet based on the fact that they’re typically more affordable from an operational standpoint. While they may not be able to fly as far or as fast as most private jets, the right turboprop can be a great fit for missions with shorter legs. The efficiency [...]

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What Are the Differences Between Gulfstream’s G500, G550, G650 and G650ER?

In the second edition of our Gulfstream breakdown, we’re going to take a look at the differences between the G500, G550, G650 and G650ER, Gulfstream’s most massive business jets.   G550 Gulfstream’s G550 is identical to the GV-SP, which is a GV with an upgraded avionics system, aerodynamic improvements and upgraded engines. First delivered in [...]

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What Are the Biggest, Baddest Private Jets in the World, and How Much Do They Cost?

Gulfstream, Bombardier, Dassault, and Embraer face off as we take a look at each of their respective biggest planes and the costs associated with them, both in purchase and operation. We'll also take a look at how each one’s performance specs stack up against the competition.   Gulfstream G650 Cost - Gulfstream’s G650 is arguably the most [...]

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What are the Differences Between Wheels Up and JetSmarter?

One of the most popular trends in business today is the subscription model. Services like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime have dominated their industries, and private aviation is no exception. Two of the industry’s most popular subscription-based membership programs, Wheels Up and JetSmarter, have revolutionized the private aviation industry with their unique offerings. The attractiveness [...]

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René Banglesdorf Named One of Enterprising Women Magazine’s 2017 Women of the Year

Charlie Bravo's CEO, René Banglesdorf, was recently named one of Enterprising Women magazine's 2017 Women of the Year. View a list of winners here: https://enterprisingwomen.com/class-of-2017/332-2017-enterprising-women-of-the-year-award-winners Check out Runway Girl Network's coverage of the award here: https://runwaygirlnetwork.com/2017/04/13/press-release-rene-banglesdorf-honored-by-enterprising-women/

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