René Banglesdorf Featured in Runway Girl Network

Kathryn Creedy checked in with René Banglesdorf on behalf of Runway Girl Network about women in business pushing past their comfort zones. Something René Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, said to me in the course of our interview stopped me in my tracks because I recognized myself in what she was saying. I also realized [...]

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Trump’s Influence Secret…Yes, Hillary Knew About It

Today’s competitive landscape is changing. Fast. Being in the right place at the right time is more important than ever. Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and self-made billionaire, believes it made a huge difference in his ability to grow his companies. “You will never see eye-to-eye if you never meet face-to-face,” he [...]

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Comparing Costs of the Hawker 800XP vs. the Citation Excel

The Hawker 800XP and Citation Excel are two of the most popular midsize jets in the world, though they each have their differences. The Hawker 800XP's range is significantly longer, and its cabin has room for an extra passenger, while the smaller Excel prides itself on simplicity and efficiency. For consistency’s sake, we’ll use 200,000 miles [...]

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Do You Have a Martyr Mindset Regarding Aviation?

There's a common mindset that flying privately is a luxury or even a waste of money. While it is much more pleasant than sitting by a fussy baby on a commercial flight, private flight often is a strategic business tool that helps you expand your sphere of influence, grow your business, and reduce your chances [...]

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Clash of the Titans: G650 vs. Falcon 8X

Gulfstream’s G650 and Dassault’s Falcon 8X are two of the biggest private jets in the world, seating 18-19 passengers with relative ease. They’re also some of the fastest and most expensive, both to purchase and to operate. For consistency’s sake, we’ll use 200,000 miles per year as the common denominator in our comparison. The G650 [...]

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6 Ways to Ensure Your Plane is Charterable

Equip it with Wi-Fi With each passing year, having Wi-Fi on your plane becomes more and more important.  Today’s working environment requires many business leaders to be connected and available 24/7; some executives simply can’t afford to be out of pocket for hours at a time during the day. Equipping your plane with Wi-Fi ensures [...]

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Your Pilot Shouldn’t Be Your Aircraft Broker

I don’t ask my pool guy to work on my landscaping. He’s around landscaping all day as he cleans pools, adjusts water features, and replaces pumps. He knows which trees are going to drop leaves in my pool almost to the day. But that does not make him the right person to fertilize my lawn, [...]

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