Momentum in Commercial Drone Industry Picks Up in 2017

Momentum in the commercial drone industry has quickly picked up over the last few months. We’ve seen companies like UPS test drones for home delivery in rural areas, we’ve heard rumblings of passenger drones set to takeoff in Dubai, and we saw Lady Gaga surrounded by hundreds of brightly lit drones at the Super Bowl [...]

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Breaking Down the Lineage of the Challenger 600 Series

Bombardier and Canadair’s Challenger 600 series has been one of the most popular lines in the large business jet category since the original Challenger 600’s certification in 1980. During the series’ nearly 40 years of service to this point, 17 variations have been introduced, including those used for military purposes. The original Challenger 600, produced [...]

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Understanding the Advantages of a Glass Panel

Pilots must deal with dozens and dozens of instruments throughout the course of a flight. Traditionally, those instruments were displayed in the form of gauges located all over the cockpit. Most of today’s aircraft, however, have switched to a “glass panel” or a “glass cockpit.” The “glass” refers to the display units, which are typically [...]

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The Differences Between the Falcon 50 and 50EX

Dassault’s three-engined Falcon 50 has been one of the most recognizable private jets in the world since its certification in 1979. After a nearly 20-year long run, the original Falcon 50 was replaced by the more advanced, higher-performance Falcon 50EX in 1996, which was in production until 2007. The Falcon 50EX was equipped with improved [...]

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Flying Private Options

In today’s aviation landscape, you have many options when you choose to fly private. Depending on your mission, some of those options may be more appropriate for you than others. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one.   On-Demand Charter The first [...]

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Hiring an Aviation Attorney? 3 Questions You Should Ask

In all of the time that I’ve been working on aircraft transactions, a few have fallen through because of economic conditions: the stock market fell, the price of oil plummeted, a company hit hard times. Several deals have been aborted for undisclosed damage history. But more often than not, aircraft transactions get squirrely because attorneys [...]

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René Banglesdorf Featured in Runway Girl Network

Kathryn Creedy checked in with René Banglesdorf on behalf of Runway Girl Network about women in business pushing past their comfort zones. Something René Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, said to me in the course of our interview stopped me in my tracks because I recognized myself in what she was saying. I also realized [...]

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