It’s time to reconsider your business travel habits! Every company in the United States uses traveling as a tool to run their business. Choosing the right way to travel – to maximise income and minimise costs – becomes one of the key issues to running a successful company.

There’s a wide variety of ways to travel for business purposes: via airlines, via company or charter aircraft, or even by car or by train. Progressive executives consider all possible expenses and realistically assess all the perks of every travel alternative before deciding which to choose.

There are several crucial benefits to traveling with a private jet:

Saving Employee Time. Business aircraft are able to travel among 3,500 small airports, spread all around the country, where commercial airlines don’t have access. It allows anyone to reach downtown areas from the airport within a half an hour. Spending less time for business trips – leaving and coming back within a day – employees can be more productive, reducing post-trip fatigue.

Increasing Efficiency On the Road. Most private aircraft provide a safe and comfortable environment to work in the sky. Without any interruptions or destruction, an employee can effectively prepare for an upcoming meeting while traveling. Recent studies confirm that working in private business aircraft can improve productivity by 20%, while working in an airliner makes employees 40% less productive than in the office.

Employees Can Spend More Time at Home. Each employee would like to spend more passive time at home than on a business trip. If your company cares about the employees’ welfare, and work-life balance is one of your core values, it’s time to reconsider traveling habits.

Next Level of Security. It’s important for many companies to protect their key staff from the public exposure and travel visibility. Traveling with a private jet helps to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary interruptions and conversations, protecting the sensitive information that they may have.

Control over Reliable and Efficient Scheduling. A private jet used for business or personal purposes can arrive and depart on a requested schedule, providing a tailored experience to the passengers. Unexpected meeting or firefighting can be faced in no time. Proactively managed, this advantage can bring big results to your business.

Positive Corporate Brand. For vendors and customers, the arrival and departure of company representatives on a corporate jet are a sign of a successful business, displaying your company’s interest in efficient time management and a high level of productivity.

There’s an infinite amount of ways to use a private jet for corporate purposes, and each company has their own objectives. Looking at all the advantages, and your short- and long-term needs, it takes just a moment to understand whether or not flying private is a viable business solution for you.