Equip it with Wi-Fi

With each passing year, having Wi-Fi on your plane becomes more and more important.  Today’s working environment requires many business leaders to be connected and available 24/7; some executives simply can’t afford to be out of pocket for hours at a time during the day. Equipping your plane with Wi-Fi ensures that potential users won’t pass your plane up on the basis of connectivity. It can be a pricey upgrade, but it’s one of those cost-of-doing-business items at this point.


Go with a timeless, durable interior

In order to make sure your aircraft remains charterable for years to come, try to choose an interior that isn’t too gaudy or obnoxious. Typically, a classy, understated combination of colors and materials works best. You should also keep in mind that darker colors hide dirt and wear better than lighter colors, so it’s often smart to go with a darker carpet flooring, especially in high-traffic areas of the cabin.


Keep in mind what’s popular in the area

When making the decision on which plane to buy, take a look at the most popular charter aircraft in your region. There’s a reason they’re the most popular. Maybe it’s because that aircraft performs better in your region’s typical weather conditions. Maybe it’s because that aircraft’s range reaches popular destinations without having to refuel.


Keep range in mind in relation to popular destinations

Depending on where you live, range may or may not be an important factor when selecting an aircraft. Do some research into what the most popular destinations are from your location. If people are often flying across the country or to another continent, they’re likely looking for a plane that can make that trip without refueling. If they’re typically only flying within the state, a long-range plane probably isn’t necessary. Long-range charters are popular from South Florida with destinations in South America or Europe. But in Texas, for example, shorter trips are in higher demand.


Choose an aircraft with a roomy cabin

Simply put, the more comfortable the aircraft’s cabin, the more likely it is to be chartered. What a surprise! Planes that have stand-up cabins and wide seats tend to fetch a prettier penny than those that don’t. It’s that simple.


Hire a charter management company with quick-responding and professional staff

Service is huge when it comes to chartering your aircraft. Make sure you hire a charter management company with a reputation for great marketing and an efficient response protocol. Convenience is one of the biggest reasons people choose to charter an aircraft. A slow-to-respond charter management company can be the difference between your aircraft making money in the air or losing money on the ground.