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Gulfstream G100 with Chris Lamont

The smallest plane in the Gulfstream fleet, the G100 still boasts a pretty impressive mission profile and the handling and customer support for which Gulfstream is known. In this episode, Chris Lamont talks about why his company chose this model and how well it performs its mission.  

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Podcast: Lear 60 with Scott Robertson

Comfortable and fast are the two things that come to mind when someone mentions the Lear 60. In this podcast, long-time Learjet operator Scott Robertson talks about those features and how the Learjet family has grown and been enhanced over the years.  

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Asset Quality – How Maintenance Impacts Aircraft Value

This is a guest blog written by Tony Kioussis, President and CEO of Asset Insight LLC, on behalf of Charlie Bravo Aviation. Before finalizing their purchase offer, anyone considering the acquisition of an in-service aircraft will, if they are represented by an experienced broker such as Charlie Bravo Aviation, evaluate the maintenance condition of candidate [...]

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Podcast: King Air 350i with Payson McDaniel

Here in Texas, the luxury standard for pick-up trucks is the King Ranch F-150. In the skies, that gold star can easily be applied to the King Air 350i. In this episode, Payson McDaniel discuss how the 350i meets his company's mission while still providing the luxuries expected in a private flight environment. [...]

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Does Marijuana Legalization Allow Airmen to Use Marijuana in Any Form, Including CBD?

This is a guest blog written by Katherine Staton and Jim Struble, partners in the Aviation practice at Jackson Walker, on behalf of Charlie Bravo Aviation. Many states have legalized the sale and use of both medical and recreational marijuana, and if you walk into a pharmacy or store, you are likely to encounter cannabidiol (CBD) oil [...]

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Podcast: Legacy 650 with Joanna Meek

Sometimes described as a 10-hour plane with the comforts of a 15-hour cabin, the Legacy 650 should not be overlooked as a contender in the long-range business jet market. Joanna Meek describes both the 650 and the 600 she flew before the upgrade.  

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Niche Lending – Business Aviation (Part 2)

This blog is Part Two of a series called “Niche Lending – Business Aviation,” written by Shelley Svoren of First Republic Bank. Part One, which breaks down the global market for business aviation financing, is available here: Part 1 Financiers should acquaint themselves with a number of risks prior to entering into business aircraft transactions. [...]

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Podcast: HondaJet Elite with Dave Moore

When the long-anticipated HondaJet finally arrived, there was less fanfare than expected. But owner/operators are finding the maintenance costs are as advertised: low. And the plane is fun to fly. Join me for insights with the very enthusiastic Dave Moore. Want to know how the HondaJet stacks up against some of the other [...]

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