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Phenom 100 and 300 with Mark Rubin

The Phenom 100 is a "6 mile per minute", 4-passenger light jet which is ideal for the single pilot private owner. It's easy to fly, extremely reliable and has excellent luggage capacity.  The Phenom 300, on the other hand, is a 7-9 passenger light jet that has the performance of a 757 and [...]

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Hawker 800 and Caravan with Parker Madill

The Hawker 800 sets itself apart with its cabin size and overall performance. Most passengers find the wide & tall cabin very roomy and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for the charter market. It's a powerhouse on the ground with great runway performance in amicable weather. The Caravan, on the other hand, [...]

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Challenger 300 with Ian Stewart

The Challenger 300 is a clean sheet design super mid-sized aircraft with lots of leg room and range. Pilots love its simplicity and performance--and charter operators find it easy to sell. It's comparable in direct operating costs to the Gulfstream 200, but it does cost more to acquire. Hear more in this interview [...]

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PC-12 with Andre Bolang

No single-pilot plane has more versatility than the PC-12. Loved by surfers, ranchers and executives alike, this single-engine turboprop holds its value and its owners' loyalty like no other. Andre Bolang talks about his adventures flying one and how the PC-12's mission stacks up to the jets he also flies.  

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Cirrus Vision Jet with Matt Bergwall

Cirrus' sleek design and unique safety features (parachute included) have made the manufacturer a favorite with owner operators around the world. There's no surprise that the company's first jet-propelled aircraft is gaining a lot of attention. Learn what gives this single-engine jet unprecedented safety for single-pilot operations.  

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Pilatus PC-24 with Tommy Suell

Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has arguably created the best brand loyalty in the private aviation industry, and it listened when its customers demanded a faster version of the iconic PC-12. With more than 100 PC-24s now in service, we're finding it does live up to the expectations with all of the features pilots [...]

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Gulfstream G100 with Chris Lamont

The smallest plane in the Gulfstream fleet, the G100 still boasts a pretty impressive mission profile and the handling and customer support for which Gulfstream is known. In this episode, Chris Lamont talks about why his company chose this model and how well it performs its mission.  

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