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The Most Affordable Private Jets

There’s a big difference between “cheap” and “affordable,” and many first time buyers underestimate the cost disparity.  For example, the $500,000 jet with a roomy cabin may need $2,000,000 in upgrades if it’s going to be flying in two years.  And of course, it’s always important to be in an aircraft that meets your mission—runway [...]

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7 Great Planes That Can Be Flown by a Single Pilot

One of the biggest considerations for aircraft buyers who don’t want to hire a full flight department is whether or not the aircraft qualifies to be flown with a single pilot. While some operators fly with two pilots for safety and redundancy reasons, the following planes are among our favorites for a number of reasons. [...]

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Remembering Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover is known by many as the greatest pilot of all time. Among countless other feats, he witnessed Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier for the first time, spent 16 months as a POW during World War II, spent time with Orville Wright and Neil Armstrong, and coached the pilot of a P-51 with [...]

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Our Top 5 Citation Models

Citation Latitude Great range and spacious amenities (pictured above) The Citation Latitude sets itself apart from other Citations with its near 3,000-mile range, allowing it to make a nonstop trip from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine in five hours. It’s Cessna’s first super-midsize cabin, offering room for as many as nine passengers, though operators rarely [...]

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The World’s First Armless Pilot

After learning Jessica Cox’s story, you’ll likely find you have no excuse…for anything. Cox is the world’s first licensed armless pilot. Yes, armless. She’s the first armless black belt in the history of the American Taekwondo Association. She can play the piano, put her own contact lenses in, scuba dive, and text on her cell [...]

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Selecting a New Interior for A Citation X

Depending on the age, total time, and the quality of maintenance a pre-owned aircraft has received, you may or may not need to replace its interior upon purchasing. René recently made the trip to West Star Aviation on behalf of one of our clients to assist in selecting an interior design for a soon-to-be purchased [...]

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