Dreams Soar Inspiring Youth to Consider STEM/Aviation Careers

Dreams Soar, an organization founded by Shaesta Waiz, friend of Charlie Bravo CEO René Banglesdorf, recently published an outreach summary that details Dreams Soar’s impact since Shaesta’s flight around the world in October of 2017. Below is a description of that flight and the Dreams Soar program:

In 2017, Dreams Soar launched a global flight around the world to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and Aviation careers to young girls and boys. The flight was piloted by our Founder and President, Shaesta Waiz, who became the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world upon completing the around the world flight. With support of Dreams Soar team on the ground, and with sponsorship from many individual and corporate donors, Dreams Soar flew over 24,000 nautical miles across five continents, making 30 stops in 22 countries and inspiring over 3,000 youth through 32 outreach events worldwide. The 2017 Global Flight for STEM was just the beginning of Dreams Soar’s mission to inspire the next generation, especially young children in underprivileged regions.

Linked below is a summary of Dreams Soar’s outreach successes since the conclusion of the Global Flight for STEM. As you will see, Dreams Soar has personally inspired over 11,000 youth around the world to learn about and consider Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and Aviation careers. In addition to these in-person outreach events, Dreams Soar has been featured in many articles and magazines, and their stories have been shared on social media by us and countless others, making the total number of youth reached to be immeasurable!

DSI- Post-Flight Outreach Summary 2018

We encourage you to invest in Dreams Soar if you’re able to by visiting www.dreamssoar.org.

To hear René’s podcast interview with Shaesta Waiz, click here.

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