GE Honda Aero Engines EMC

With the introduction of the HondaJet, Honda also introduced engine programs for its HF120 engines, titled simply the GE Honda Engine Maintenance Care (EMC) program. In addition to their basic warranty, they offer EMCb and EMC2.

Honda’s basic warranty covers parts and labor for unscheduled maintenance, labor for troubleshooting, and transportation for engine and parts.

In addition to the coverage offered by the warranty, EMCb covers rental engines, parts for scheduled engine maintenance (not labor), parts and labor for required and alert service bulletins and airworthiness directives (cat 1-2), technical training, subscription to technical publications, and engine condition trend monitoring.

EMC2 takes it a bit further, also covering labor for scheduled engine maintenance, parts and labor for recommended service bulletins (cat 3-6), routine periodic inspections, labor for engine removal and replacement, the costs of a mobile repair team and life limited parts.


Williams International Total Assurance Plus (TAP) Blue

Williams International’s Total Assurance Plus (TAP), their maintenance program for FJ33 and FJ44 engines, was given a makeover in 2013. In 2013, they updated their plan and started to include foreign object damage, corrosion and optional service bulletins in their coverage, none of which were covered by previous iterations of the TAP program. With that update, they changed the name of their program to TAP Blue. TAP Blue is available for Williams International’s FJ33 and FJ44 engines, found on the Citation CJ1/CJ1+, Citation M2, Citation CJ2/CJ2+, Premier 1/1A, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4 and Cirrus SF50.

TAP Blue covers parts and labor for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including foreign object damage, corrosion (at major periodic inspections), incorporation of all optional, recommended and mandatory service bulletins, account credit for unscheduled engine removals, minimum hour forgiveness, expedited turnaround option for services at Williams repair station, all routine maintenance, parts and labor, parts and labor all major periodic inspections, life-limited components, troubleshooting, shipping of parts and engines (including loaner engines), oil at oil change, and consumables (such as bearing seals and gaskets).