King Air 350 (10 pax)
No surprise here: the most popular turboprop in the world that our CEO René Banglesdorf calls “the F150 of turboprops” has the biggest cabin of any single-pilot aircraft. Its cabin stretches 19’5” in length, stands 4’9” tall, and has a width of 4’6”. In its typical configuration, however, the King Air 350 seats 10 passengers, so when it’s full, it may not feel like the biggest cabin as you rub elbows with your fellow passengers.

Hondajet HA-420 (6 pax)
Somewhat surprisingly, the Hondajet HA-420 comes in second on our list with the second largest cabin of any single-pilot aircraft, right behind the King Air 350. Although the fuselage is only 42’7” long, Honda does a great job of maximizing space to make room for a cabin that’s 17’10” long, 4’10” tall, and 5’0” wide, creating lots of elbow room in a jet that doesn’t look like it should have so much from the outside looking in.

For an in-depth review of the HondaJet from a HondaJet pilot, check out René Banglesdorf’s interview with Dave Moore, where they talk performance, range, ideal missions, and much more!

Citation Mustang | $522,789.84

Citation CJ4 (8 pax)
Third on our list is the most advanced of Cessna’s Citation Jets, the CJ4. With each iteration of the CJ line, Cessna increased cabin size incrementally, expanding upon the length by nearly two feet from the CJ3 to CJ4, which has a cabin length of 17’4”, although cabin height (4’9”) and width (4’10”) remained the same.

Citation V/Ultra/Encore (8 pax)
Fourth on this list is the Citation V/Ultra/Encore/Encore+ family, each of which was built on the same fuselage. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as they say, so Cessna didn’t. Although the cabin features improve from the V to the Encore+, the size remains the exact same. Each has a cabin length of 17’4”, a cabin height of 4’10”, and a width of 4’10”.

Phenom 300 (8 pax)
There are a few reasons why Embraer’s Phenom 300 is among the most delivered business jets in the world year-in and year-out, not the least of which is cabin comfort. After the success of the Phenom 100, Embraer saw a need for a version of the aircraft with a larger cabin, thus the creation of the Phenom 300 with a cabin length of 17’0” (six feet longer than the Phenom 100), a cabin height of 4’11”, and a cabin width of 5’1”.