Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) is a third-party company that offers maintenance programs for more than 325 models of aircraft. They offer a number of different programs, covering engines, APUs and everything in between. JSSI programs include JSS1, Tip-to-Tail, Airframe, Engine, Unscheduled and APU. The availability of each program and their exact specifications depend on the make, model and condition of the aircraft being covered.

JSSI’s APU Program covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the auxiliary power unit, including life-limited parts, hot section inspections, overhauls, mandatory service bulletins, airworthiness directives and rental APU costs.

Their Unscheduled Program covers only unscheduled maintenance expenses, including life-limited components, engine removal, rental engine costs, FOD gap coverage and technical oversight. This program is most appropriate for those that wish to self-reserve for scheduled maintenance, but want to eliminate the risk of being blindsided by unscheduled maintenance costs.

JSSI’s Engine Program covers both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including hot section, mid-life and major periodic inspections, overhauls, CZI, FOD gap coverage, rental engine costs and supplemental lift.

JSSI’s Airframe Program covers virtually every part, component, assembly and system of the airframe, including all parts and labor for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. The Airframe Program also covers avionics, and comes with the option of adding an upgrade program that allows you to install ADS-B before the FAA’s deadline.

JSSI also offers what they call the Tip-to-Tail Program, which includes everything covered in the APU, Unscheduled, Engine and Airframe Programs. Instead of picking and choosing between each program, the Tip-to-Tail Program consolidates each of them, giving owners and operators the convenience of a single point of contact for any maintenance issues.

JSS1, which is available for a limited selection of business aircraft, is JSSI’s most comprehensive coverage program. JSS1 covers everything in the Tip-to-Tail Program with the addition of subscription services, upgrade allowances, enhanced corrosion coverage, paint and interior allowances and concierge service.

While JSSI’s coverage options may be a bit more flexible than some of those that are provided by OEMs, JSSI is often more expensive in the long run. Engine programs provided by OEMs typically require an up-front payment, the amount of which depends on the condition of the engine, to buy in at 100 percent coverage. JSSI, on the other hand, doesn’t require a buy-in, allowing you to cover only a certain percentage of maintenance. The downside of that, though, is that hourly rates are typically higher, and money comes out of pocket when maintenance is due.

When purchasing an aircraft that’s enrolled on JSSI, it’s imperative that the buyer inspects what is called “Exhibit C,” to figure out the exact specifications of the maintenance program it’s enrolled on. At Charlie Bravo, we’ve seen aircraft with 50 percent JSSI coverage at a rate of $500 per hour, which is highway robbery. The last thing a buyer wants is to be blindsided by a previous owner’s poor decisions.