There’s a common mindset that flying privately is a luxury or even a waste of money. While it is much more pleasant than sitting by a fussy baby on a commercial flight, private flight often is a strategic business tool that helps you expand your sphere of influence, grow your business, and reduce your chances of stress-related illnesses.

Anytime you’re trying to push to the next level in business or in life, it’s inevitable you’ll hit roadblocks.

You may know you need to visit more clients or prospects or potential partners face-to-face, but the time constraints make it nearly impossible. You’ve done the road warrior thing in the past, traveling all the time and waking up not knowing if you’re in Atlanta or Oakland. After a while, you just get tired of it. But when you cut back, you feel guilty that you’re not doing all you can to build a legacy for your kids or your business colleagues, or you’re cheating those who could be really impacted by your message.

Or maybe you’re in a situation where you have a board of directors or a business partner or a group of shareholders who don’t see the return on investment of flying privately. They see it as a luxury or an endless drain on the bottom line. You know it could really help, but you feel guilty about pushing the envelope, because like my Nana, who took the bus to work in the 1970s instead of driving her Mercedes, you don’t want to seem pretentious or narcissistic.

This is as backward thinking as not upgrading from fax machines to personal computers–or not carrying a smart phone. The pace of business changes today is going to leave some business leaders and their companies in the dust.

These things, the unsustainable schedule, the unjustifiable ROI, and the frustrated consumer scenarios are fairly common. In my free three-part video series entitled the 40,000-Foot Game Changer Workshop, I’m going to break down the options and costs and show you how to regain control of your schedule, use private aviation as a tool without endangering your profits, and expand your business or influence without sacrificing what matters most.

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