Charlie Bravo Aviation CEO René Banglesdorf and her son, Jake, break down the differences between Cessna’s Citation CJ3+ and Embraer’s Phenom 300E. They talk operating costs, fixed costs, maintenance, fuel burn, cruise speed, cabin size, and more.

Citation CJ3+ vs. Phenom 300E
100,000 miles

CJ3+: 406 knots / 467 mph
Phenom 300: 419 knots / 482 mph

CJ3+: 166 gal/hr ($830 per hour at $5/gal)
Phenom 300: 169 gal/hr ($845 per hour at $5/gal)

CJ3+: $553/hr (airframe $237 engine/APU $316)
Phenom 300: $598/hr (airframe $271 engine/APU $327)

CJ3+: $19,816/yr
Phenom 300: $22,220/yr

Pilot Training
CJ3+: $28,659
Phenom 300: $27,246

Yearly DOCs
CJ3+: $295,962
Phenom 300: $298,701

Yearly Fixed
CJ3+: $333,415
Phenom 300: $337,692


For more on the CJ3, check out René Banglesdorf’s interview with pilot Andrew Gratton, where they go into detail on maintenance, performance specs, and more.