Kathryn Creedy checked in with René Banglesdorf on behalf of Runway Girl Network about women in business pushing past their comfort zones.

Something René Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, said to me in the course of our interview stopped me in my tracks because I recognized myself in what she was saying. I also realized it is true of many who are not only starting their careers but who have reached a plateau. Her message is, in fact, especially important for those who are wondering what their next step will be if they decide they want a second, or even third, act.

“The biggest hurdles to overcome are limitations you put upon yourself, either from doubts or fears or lack of willingness to work hard,” she said. “There are a lot of obstacles in the climb to the top of any industry and aviation is no different. If you are a young woman, many of the obstacles are not men or even other women trying to hold you back.”

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