The economic impacts that COVID-19 has had on commercial aviation are severe and will change travel for years to come. With decreased benefits and increased fares, air travel is going to be more costly, regardless of your flier status. Furthermore, it’s going to be more time consuming with less options, longer layovers, and additional screening [check out this infographic on COVID-19’s impacts].

These changes bring about financial and safety concerns, particularly when thinking about how to protect your greatest— people—without putting your bottom line at risk. Though we have our own opinions on the best approach to travel, we wanted to objectively provide you with how commercial and private travelers plan to approach the future.

After surveying over 150 leaders in aviation from a variety of different backgrounds, we’ve developed an exclusive guide covering timeline to return to private and business travel and preferred modes of transportation. This guide includes insights into:

  • The comfort level of travelers with business and personal travel
  • The likelihood that travelers will act on their plans to return
  • Which mode of transportation is preferred for future travel
  • Private air travel planes for the next 12 months

We found the data around these points encouraging; the private aviation isn’t going anywhere, and we are hopefully that the industry will continue to see an uptick in the months to come. Download the complete resource to learn more.