In episode nine, private aviation insider René Banglesdorf interviews air ambulance pilot Katrina Rankine about the key features of the Bombardier Learjet 40XR.

In this episode, we gain some useful insight on the features of the Learjet 40XR from the point of view of an air ambulance pilot. Find out about its performance, operating costs, range and much more!


About Katrina:

Growing up in the town of Lockport, Manitoba, Katrina Rankine caught the flying bug early from her father, a helicopter pilot who went on to fly passenger jets for Air Canada. After getting her pilot’s license and gaining experience as a seasonal float plane pilot, Katrina moved into medical evacuations in the late 90s.

Katrina has also helped blaze a trail for women in the area of aviation management. While working as a float and medevac pilot early in her career, she also served as a base manager, scheduling flights and plotting routes for other pilots.

In 2014, Katrina took over as Director of Operations at Toronto-based Fox Flight Air Ambulance, where she manages a fleet of four Lear air ambulances performing international medical repatriations.

Katrina says one of the most gratifying aspects of her job has been having the opportunity to train and work with several young female pilots. As an established aviation professional, Katrina believes she has an obligation to help and encourage young women entering the industry.

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