Some people shop for shoes or watches, others shop for airplanes. If you’re here, that might be you. Whether you just like a new ride, or a little more elbow room, or even need the tax appreciation of an acquisition, upgrading your aircraft can be very beneficial.

We often see mid-sized jet owners wanting to make a sideways move into a similar size, but different jet. A smart move for current Hawker 800 owners is to transition to a G200. The Gulfstream is more spacious and has a longer range. On top of capacity and range, the G200 is faster than the Hawker 800, the perfect fit for an owner ready to take it up a notch. With an upgrade like this, owners can expect to spend about $200 more an hour to operate the G200.

We’ve pulled the data on these aircraft into a side-by-side comparison for your reference. Check it out by visiting