I’ve noticed a funny thing about plane owners over the years, they seem to want to go higher and faster, and we’ve helped a lot of them realize that upgrade dream. In this scenario, I’m going to share insights for an owner who was ready to move that out of a TBM.

With the goal of being a jet, that natural progression is to go into something like Cessna Citation M2. Both of these aircraft are equipped with Garmin avionics. The M2 has a Garmin 3000 flight deck, which is what you would find in a TBM 940. It has a nice size cabin fitting six passengers, though only one additional passenger seat in comparison to the TBM. The M2 has a faster cruising speed of 404 knots in comparison to 323 in the TBM. The M2 allows you to get the weather with a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, significantly higher than the turboprop. Training and hangar space for an M2 is higher than that of a TBM, but national averages show this as a wash with a higher cost to insure the single engine TBM. The M2 has doubled the engines, so you can expect double the annual operating budget.

We’ve pulled the data on these aircraft into a side-by-side comparison for your reference. Check it out by visiting wepushtin.com/sidebyside.