Dealing with Engine Programs and LLP Pitfalls

A major factor in determining an aircraft’s value is engine program enrollment, but not all programs are created equally. Manufacturers and third-party providers offer a variety of programs, each of which differs in coverage and cost, and the details impact the value of an aircraft. One obvious differentiator is what’s included in coverage. More robust [...]

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The 5 Best Single-Pilot Planes Equipped with Garmin Avionics

Garmin is arguably the most popular provider of avionics systems in general aviation, and their options continue to improve from one year to the next. Some of the most popular single-pilot jets and turboprops are equipped with Garmin flight decks, including the G1000, G3000, and even Embraer’s Prodigy line of avionics systems based on Garmin [...]

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Podcast: Lear 60 with Scott Robertson

Comfortable and fast are the two things that come to mind when someone mentions the Lear 60. In this podcast, long-time Learjet operator Scott Robertson talks about those features and how the Learjet family has grown and been enhanced over the years.  

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