Risks of Flying Single-Pilot

At Charlie Bravo Aviation, we often deal with clients that are both owners and operators, most of which seek single-pilot planes in order to make their trips more affordable and convenient. For all of the conveniences single-pilot planes offer, however, there are some risks worth considering. Following a blog we wrote about single-pilot planes with [...]

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Curt and René: Upgrading from a TBM

This video interview is part of a series of interviews between Curt and René Banglesdorf, President and CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, respectively. To view all of the uploaded conversations, search "Curt and René" in our blog's sidebar. You own a TBM and want to upgrade into a more capable aircraft, so what do you [...]

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Brooke Takes Her First Solo Flight

This blog is part of a series on Brooke Banglesdorf, Curt and René’s daughter, who moved to Florida in March 2018 to become a full-time student at Flight Safety International in Vero Beach. For more, search “Brooke Banglesdorf” in our blog’s sidebar. After a wait that was longer than she had hoped, Brooke was finally [...]

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The Most Affordable Private Jets

There’s a big difference between “cheap” and “affordable,” and many first time buyers underestimate the cost disparity.  For example, the $500,000 jet with a roomy cabin may need $2,000,000 in upgrades if it’s going to be flying in two years.  And of course, it’s always important to be in an aircraft that meets your mission—runway [...]

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New Plane Roundup

Falcon 6X Following Dassault’s abandonment of the Falcon 5X in late 2017 due to development issues of the new Snecma Silvercrest engines, they’ve moved on to a successor in the Falcon 6X, which they announced in February of 2018. The aircraft is set to make its first flight in 2021 with deliveries slated to begin [...]

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Diagnostic Advantages of Buying New

While buying an older aircraft certainly presents advantages in the acquisition costs, the diagnostic advantages afforded to those who buy newer models may be worth the extra money in the long run. At a recent Falcon event, our research team was able to hear directly from Dassault about some of their most recent diagnostic features. [...]

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7 Great Planes That Can Be Flown by a Single Pilot

One of the biggest considerations for aircraft buyers who don’t want to hire a full flight department is whether or not the aircraft qualifies to be flown with a single pilot. While some operators fly with two pilots for safety and redundancy reasons, the following planes are among our favorites for a number of reasons. [...]

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