Upgrade Paths: Learjet 60 to Challenger 300

 Many people choose Learjets for their speed, climb rate, and range over its competitors. They are the closest thing to a rocket ship in the lighter end of the jet market, but eventually owners want the more spacious cabin and longer range of a mid-size jet, and we often see them moving into a [...]

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[Infographic] Air Travel Post-Pandemic

A little over a year after COVID-19 shutdown commercial air travel, we set out to learn about the trends towards private aviation in response to the post-pandemic climate. Check out some key takeaways in the infographic below or download the complete study for all of the data and insights.

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Five Options to Fly Privately

In our blog last week, “Four Benefits of Private Aviation,” we addressed private aviation as an alternative to the inconveniences and frustrations of commercial air travel, especially as presented in 2021. With more than 55% of individuals reporting they are more likely to fly privately than before COVID-19, we wanted to take some time to [...]

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Four Benefits of Private Aviation

Over the past year, we have seen upsets to every area of our lives, including commercial air travel. With decreased benefits, increased fares, fewer options, and longer layovers, commercial air travel is costing more and more time and money. In the face of these issues, we hope you’ll consider private aviation, which can offer safety, [...]

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Private Aircraft Acquisition: Aviation Insurance

 René Banglesdorf, CEO at Charlie Bravo Aviation, interviews MC Ernst, Senior Vice President, Airline Underwriting Department Manager at U.S. Aviation Underwriters, Inc., on aviation insurance - what you need to know when acquiring a private aircraft. Download the comprehensive eBook for additional insights:

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