FAA, NBAA Urge Aircraft Owners to Equip ADS-B Out

The last time we mentioned 2020 ADS-B requirements, January 1, 2020 seemed like a long way away. Now, with only nine months remaining until the impending deadline, it’s closer than it seems, especially as most service centers and maintenance shops in the U.S. are at near-capacity ADS-B installation schedules through October of 2019. ADS-B equipage [...]

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Upgrading from an Embraer Legacy

This video interview is part of a series of interviews between Curt and René Banglesdorf, President and CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, respectively. To view all of the uploaded conversations, search “Curt and René” in our blog’s sidebar. "Embraer has become a bigger and bigger player in the last few years in the private jet [...]

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Risks of Flying Single-Pilot

At Charlie Bravo Aviation, we often deal with clients that are both owners and operators, most of which seek single-pilot planes in order to make their trips more affordable and convenient. For all of the conveniences single-pilot planes offer, however, there are some risks worth considering. Following a blog we wrote about single-pilot planes with [...]

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How to Evaluate an Aircraft

When it comes down to it, to accurately value an aircraft, you need access to the most recent sold figures for that particular model. You can evaluate an aircraft from top to bottom, but you simply have to know how it stacks up against what’s sold recently and what’s currently on the market to gauge [...]

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Are You Ready for ADS-B?

We get it. The ADS-B Out mandate doesn’t go into effect for another two years, the upgrades are expensive, and for many owners, the upgrade is something that can wait. We have heard, however, that many owners and operators are putting it off in hopes that prices will drop when, in fact, the opposite is [...]

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General Aviation Groups Urge DOT to Reopen Aircraft Registry for Essential Functions

In the midst of the United States’ federal government shutdown, general aviation leaders across the country are urging the Department of Transportation (DOT) to reopen the FAA’s United States Aircraft Registry. “Despite the current government shutdown, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and fellow GA groups argued that the U.S. Registry performs essential functions for [...]

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Q1 2018 Market Update

As the Charlie Bravo research team gets ready to send out detailed market reports on more than 50 models of business aircraft, we’ve also prepared a high-level view of the market as a whole. The fourth quarter 2017 was surprisingly stronger than anticipated for many aircraft models we cover, considering that markets typically slow toward [...]

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