The Future of Air Travel

The economic impacts that COVID-19 has had on commercial aviation are severe and will change travel for years to come. With decreased benefits and increased fares, air travel is going to be more costly, regardless of your flier status. Furthermore, it’s going to be more time consuming with less options, longer layovers, and additional screening [...]

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Dealing with Engine Programs and LLP Pitfalls

A major factor in determining an aircraft’s value is engine program enrollment, but not all programs are created equally. Manufacturers and third-party providers offer a variety of programs, each of which differs in coverage and cost, and the details impact the value of an aircraft. One obvious differentiator is what’s included in coverage. More robust [...]

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Asset Quality – How Maintenance Impacts Aircraft Value

This is a guest blog written by Tony Kioussis, President and CEO of Asset Insight LLC, on behalf of Charlie Bravo Aviation. Before finalizing their purchase offer, anyone considering the acquisition of an in-service aircraft will, if they are represented by an experienced broker such as Charlie Bravo Aviation, evaluate the maintenance condition [...]

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FAA, NBAA Urge Aircraft Owners to Equip ADS-B Out

The last time we mentioned 2020 ADS-B requirements, January 1, 2020 seemed like a long way away. Now, with only nine months remaining until the impending deadline, it’s closer than it seems, especially as most service centers and maintenance shops in the U.S. are at near-capacity ADS-B installation schedules through October of 2019. ADS-B equipage [...]

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