5 Reasons to Consider a Light Jet

You might be considering a private airplane for your business or personal travel needs. But which type of plane is right for you? When it comes to jets, let's first define what a light jet is. Light jets are smaller in size and can hold a maximum of 8 passengers at any given time. This [...]

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[Infographic] 4 Single-Pilot Planes With the Range to Get You Where You Need to Go

Each quarter, Charlie Bravo publishes more than 50 market reports breaking down the state of each aircraft market, including the number of aircraft for sale, their asking prices, the number that have sold, value trends and more. From Falcons to Challengers, Hawkers and Citations, we have all the insights for a range of aircraft. Sign [...]

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The Surge in Demand for Pre-Owned Aircraft: How to Get Connected in the Industry

The market for pre-owned aircraft has never been hotter. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a marked shift from commercial to private aviation, and the related supply chain issues have made it increasingly difficult to enter private aviation as the owner of a new aircraft. Not surprisingly, there has been a drastic increase in the demand [...]

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Getting Started: How to Choose a Private Jet

When considering purchasing your own private jet, there are several factors to contemplate when choosing which one is right for you. Whether you buy a light, midsized, or heavy aircraft can be influenced by several factors outside of the initial purchase price, like your annual operating budget, travel mission, and crew requirements. There are countless [...]

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Legal and Due Diligence of Aircraft Acquisition

Fulfilling the dream of aircraft ownership is exciting, but it doesn't come without a couple of hoops. In this blog, we'll cover three areas to consider when navigating the legal and due diligence of aircraft acquisition. You can also check out these video highlights from an interview with Katie DeLuca, Partner at Harper Meyer, on [...]

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Selecting an Aircraft & Making an Offer

Navigating aircraft acquisition is equally exciting and overwhelming. After considering your mission and your budget, the next steps are to choose which aircraft is right for you and make an offer. Aircraft Selection When determining which aircraft is right for you, it is important to understand different aircraft types and capabilities.  Helicopters are great for [...]

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Aircraft Acquisition: What It Costs

Many dream of owning a private aircraft but are overwhelmed by costs and financing. In this blog, we'll address how to realistically estimate fixed annual and direct operating costs and how to evaluate your options when it comes to purchasing. There are two sections of budget to address when determining if private aircraft ownership is [...]

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