Mission Profile: West Texas Oil Executive

Our next hypothetical mission profile is on a West Texas oil executive, your typical candidate for a King Air. This oil executive flies at least once a week, but is typically taking relatively short trips within the state of Texas. He doesn’t have his pilot’s license, but knows more than the average Joe about aviation. [...]

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Mission Profile: Dallas Entrepreneur

Location: Dallas Profession: Entrepreneur Annual Flight Hours: 125-200 Best Options: Lear 60, Hawker 800XP, Citation Ultra This hypothetical mission profile is for an entrepreneur from Dallas that needs a plane for about 125 to 200 hours per year, including both business and personal use. He likes the idea that he’d be able to use the [...]

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History of the Phenom 300

Embraer began designing the Phenom 300 after finding that potential customers of the Phenom 100 would also like a bigger aircraft. Compared to the Phenom 100, the Phenom 300 has a longer range (nearly double), faster cruise speed, and better runway performance thanks to upgraded engines. It also comes equipped with a cabin that’s more than six [...]

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History of the Phenom 100

Embraer introduced the Phenom 100 in 2007, creating an entry-level very light jet that can carry four passengers with its typical configuration, but can also be configured to carry up to seven passengers with a single pilot. In the years following the release of the Phenom 100, Embraer introduced two variants in the Phenom 100E [...]

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History of the Falcon 2000

Dassault’s Falcon 2000, first produced in 1993, is based on the Falcon 900. The Falcon 2000 is a bit smaller than the 900 and comes equipped two engines as opposed to the three on the 900 model. Compared to the original 900, the original 2000 has a cabin that’s two feet shorter, but it burns [...]

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History of the Falcon 900

Dassault’s Falcon 900 trijet is a larger development of the Falcon 50. The Falcon 900 has a wide variety of variants, the first of which was produced in 1984. Compared to the Falcon 50, the original Falcon 900 has a cabin almost 10 feet longer, five inches taller, and a foot and a half wider. [...]

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History of the Falcon: 5X-8X

Falcon 5X Dassault’s Falcon 5X isn’t set to hit the market until 2020, but it made its first flight in July 2017. The 5X is being marketed as the “biggest, most advanced Falcon yet,” pushing its 6’6” cabin height, .90 Mach top speed, impressive range and runway capabilities while achieving the “lowest fuel consumption in [...]

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History of the Falcon: 50, 100, & 200

Falcon 50 The Falcon 50, first delivered in 1980, was Dassault’s first trijet, featuring a third engine on top of the fuselage that makes it easy to distinguish on the tarmac. The Falcon 50 has the same fuselage cross-section as the Falcon 20, but is otherwise a completely new aircraft with improved aerodynamics and a [...]

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History of the Falcon: 10-20

Falcon 10 Despite its numbering sequence, the Falcon 10 Dassault’s Falcon 10 actually came to market after the Falcon 20. The Falcon 10, originally named the Dassault “Minifalcon,” first came to market in 1974 to satisfy the need for an aircraft in between the larger Falcon 20 and smaller turboprops. The Falcon 10’s cabin is [...]

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History of the Challenger: 850

Challenger 850 In 2003, Bombardier announced a rebrand and modification of Canadair’s CRJ200 regional airliner as a business jet called the Challenger 850. In 2006, Bombardier actually began delivering the 850, its largest Challenger model yet. The goal of rebranding the regional airliner as a business jet was to combine the capabilities of a regional [...]

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