Gulfstream G200 with Mark Rader

Mark Rader is the Chief Pilot and G200 Captain for Sky Partners Aviation. In this episode, he discusses his experiences flying charter flights on the G200. Hear more about his own personal flight stories and what he thinks of the G200's performance, its cost effectiveness, as well as its challenges including how tricky [...]

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Bonanza A36TC with Cameron English

Cameron English, CEO of English Technical Sales, Co. Inc., joins René Banglesdorf and discusses how he flies as a part of his normal business operation which is not aviation related. Hear more about how he flies his Bonanza A36TC to cover his sales territory as well as the practical and financial benefits of [...]

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King Air 90 with Ryan Lawson

Ryan Lawson, a fellow Ohio University alumni, and currently flying an MD-11, domestically and internationally for UPS, chatted with Rene Banglesdorf about his experiences as a military contractor flying the King Air 90 in Afghanistan.

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Learjet 55 with Joseph Zerilli

Joseph Zerilli is currently a captain on the Learjet 35A and Learjet 55 for a Teterboro based air carrier. In this episode, Joe details his experience specifically with the Learjet 55. Hear more about this plane's performance as well as some of its challenges.  

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Citation Mustang with Greg Thomas

The Citation Mustang is a solid, powerful aircraft that's easy to fly with a very reliable platform. It's a comfortable ride with plenty of legroom for the passengers. It's strength is its power and its ability to fly above weather. And, its weakness is probably its useful load and fuel efficiency at its [...]

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Special Edition: Andrew Allen, Astronaut

Andrew  "Andy" Allen is a retired American astronaut. A former Marine aviator and lieutenant colonel, he worked as a test pilot before joining NASA in 1987. He flew three Space Shuttle missions before retiring in 1997. Hear Andy's fascinating stories about his experience as an astronaut and his comparison of the Space Shuttle [...]

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Gulfstream IV with Jordan LaMotte

The G-IV is a high performing plane with more power than you'll ever need. It has unbelievable amounts of climbability, with high lift capability, averaging 4000-6000 ft/min. It has a cruise climb of anywhere from 500-2000 ft/min and a 45000 ft ceiling. Hear more about it in this interview with Jordan LaMotte. [...]

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