Buying (or Upgrading) an Aircraft: One-of-a-Kind Aircraft Finder

Click here to head directly to our one-of-a-kind aircraft finder. Know Your Mission When acquiring an aircraft for the first (or second or third) time, it’s critical to consider what your mission for private aviation is. Sheila Johnson, CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts identifies her mission, saying, “Business aviation takes my business to new [...]

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René Bangelsdorf on Asset Insight’s Aircraft Ownership Lifecycle Podcast

René Bangelsdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, was recently a guest on Asset Insight's Aircraft Ownership Lifecycle podcast. Listen in as she discusses aircraft acquisition and disposition strategies, and CBA's comprehensive suite of business aviation services: In Depth Research, Marketing & Sales, Acquisitions, and Advisory Services.

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Does Marijuana Legalization Allow Airmen to Use Marijuana in Any Form, Including CBD?

This is a guest blog written by Katherine Staton and Jim Struble, partners in the Aviation practice at Jackson Walker, on behalf of Charlie Bravo Aviation. Many states have legalized the sale and use of both medical and recreational marijuana, and if you walk into a pharmacy or store, you are likely to encounter cannabidiol (CBD) oil [...]

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Q2 2018 Market Update

Our Q2 2018 Market Reports were just distributed, and they brought mostly good news. For more in-depth market information, sign up to receive our market reports at In the meantime, check out a quick snapshot of the market below. Bombardier The Bombardier market, overall, seems to be in a healthy state. The [...]

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René Banglesdorf Featured in Altitudes Europe

René Banglesdorf, IAWA’s VP – Inspire and Lead, recently wrote an article titled “The Untapped Workforce” that was featured in Altitudes Europe. In the article, René explains why aviation’s impending workforce shortage may be solved by recruiting, retaining and promoting women in aviation. She also includes a write-up on IAWA and what the organization as [...]

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The Benefits of Having Dogs in the Office

If you’ve ever visited Charlie Bravo HQ, one thing that’s clear from the get-go is that most of us bring our dogs to work. We’ll admit the primary reason we bring them is simply because we’d miss them too much otherwise, but the truth is that having dogs at the office has quite a few [...]

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The History of Learjets: 28-36

Learjet 28/29 First produced in 1977, the Learjet 28 and 29 models were created as successors to the Learjet 25. The Lear 28 and 29 are identical apart from the 29’s additional long-range fuel tank, which reduces the aircraft’s capacity to four passengers with two pilots. The Lear 28 and 29 were the first Learjets [...]

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The History of Learjets: 23-25

Learjet 23 First delivered in 1964, the Learjet 23 was the very first Learjet model. It essentially created its own category of fast and efficient business jets, and other manufacturers followed suit. Now owned by Bombardier, Learjets were initially produced by the Lear Jet Corporation. Due to a noise compliance issued by the FAA in [...]

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Breaking Down the Differences Between the Falcon 2000 and Its Variants

Falcon 2000 Dassault built the Falcon 2000 with economy in mind. The goal was to build an economical large jet that would remain consistent with Dassault’s reputation for excellent performance. The original Falcon 2000, certified in 1994, was built as a smaller, twin-engine alternative of the three-engine Falcon 900. It comes equipped with General Electric/AlliedSignal [...]

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