The World’s Fastest Motor Sport: Part 4

1977 - present - Air Race Classic The Air Race Classic took the reins of women’s air racing in 1977, the same year that the AWTAR was discontinued due to rising costs. Each aircraft is assigned a specific handicap, with a goal of having actual ground speed as far over the aircraft’s handicap speed as [...]

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The World’s Fastest Motor Sport: Part 3

1931-1962 (1998-2011) - Bendix Trophy The Bendix Trophy, sponsored by Vincent Bendix, whose company manufactured aircraft parts, began in 1931 as part of the National Air Races. The race was flown from Burbank, California to Cleveland, Ohio and was established to motivate engineers to build faster, more reliable and more durable aircraft. The Bendix Trophy [...]

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The World’s Fastest Motor Sport: Part 2

1922 - King’s Cup Race Like most of the early air races, the King’s Cup Race was established to encourage the development of aircraft. The King’s Cup Race is an annual handicapped* cross-country air race run by the Royal Aero Club. The first King’s Cup Race took place in 1922. Founded by King George V, [...]

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The World’s Fastest Motor Sport: Part 1

Over the next month, we'll be posting blogs about "The World's Fastest Motor Sport." The first of these posts will go into detail about the most popular air races and awards from the 1900s up to 1920, a time during which airplane technology continued to improve exponentially, thanks in no small part to the awards offered by many [...]

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Navigating “Underwater Obstacles” During the Purchase Process

During the aircraft purchase process, there can be some “underwater obstacles,” as Tom Wachowski put it, comparing these lesser-known obstacles in the purchase process to underwater trees in a lake that can seriously damage a boat. René recently made an appearance on Tom’s “Private Jet Podcast,” covering a number of topics regarding the purchase of [...]

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Battle of the WASPs

Despite the strides American women have made in the U.S. military and the Congressional recognition of the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots), the battle isn’t over. Erin Miller, granddaughter of WASP Elaine Harmon, along with her siblings, are currently fighting for their grandmother’s right to be buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. If you read [...]

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Meet the “First Lady of Aviation”

In exploring influential women in aviation, we would be remiss in not introducing the woman often considered the First Lady of Aviation, Olive Ann Beech, best known for co-founding and leading Beechcraft. Born in Kansas in 1903, Olive Ann Mellor’s business education started young. She was given her own bank account at age seven, and [...]

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Turning Heads on the Tarmac

In just about every facet of life, we compare ourselves to others. We can’t help it. Who has the fastest car? Who has the nicest watch? Whose Botox looks the most natural? It’s human nature, and it doesn’t change on the tarmac. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you want your private aircraft [...]

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Charlie Bravo’s Official Masters Tournament

Here at Charlie Bravo, Masters weekend is one of our favorites. Every year, the majority of our staff members participate in a Masters "fantasy draft," if you will. We each draft five or six golfers (depending on how many of us participate in the tournament), and at the end of the tournament, each of us takes our three lowest [...]

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